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Industrial insulations


Ever since our company was established in 1998, we have been known as a competent supplier of insulations for building services and industrial applications, covering the entire range of heating, refrigeration, sound-proofing and fire safety (HRSF) products and services. We focus on environmentally friendly solutions helping our customers to save energy and natural resources.



Our industrial insulations are used for

industrial process control equipment,
boilers, pipelines, fittings, apparatuses, vessels, furnaces, reactors, gas turbines, air rectifiers etc. e tc.

Our products are made from standardised or tailored materials such as:

mineral fibre products, insulating mattresses, foam glass, cellular rubber, in-situ polyurethane foam
ceramic fibres, extruded foams
special products for high-temperature insulation made to meet specific requirements such as silicate fibres and protective Microtherm sheath

Other services

Knierzinger Industrieisolierungen, your tried and tested contact for fire safety partitioning solutions, also excels in this field of action by offering up-to-date concepts that meet all standards and regulations.

Fire safety

Support in international projects

Knierzinger also provides reliable services to markets abroad:

dedicated supervisors for large-scale project supervision and communication with the client
engineering services for large and small construction sites
technical documentation including insulation thickness calculations, general and detailed drawings