Technical know-how for improved safety

Industrial scaffolding


We score best in competence, reliability and years of know-how of our employees. We specialise in industrial scaffolding to provide our customers with tailored and optimised solutions. Safety comes first in all our projects. We consider conforming to the general and customer-specific safety regulations, official standards and norms a matter of fact.

Improved safety by qualified employees

We trust our qualified expert scaffolders (and their advanced work gang foreman training), who gathered years of specific experience when working for large customers. To be ready for order peaks, we have a choice of partner companies as a perfect supplement of our permanent personnel. All our employees take part in annual training seminars organised by the scaffolding manufacturer (Layher) and receive periodic instructions on current safety regulations and codes.

Improved safety by best-in-class materials

We solely use products provided by Layher, whose diversity of building and engineering scaffolding products and scaffolding quality turned the company into the global market leader. Although we have our own very large stock of materials and a gigantic storage area, we also benefit from being close to Layher’s Austrian branch (in Marchtrenk/Buchkirchen): It allows us to plan in their scaffolding material at short notice to quickly cover for order peaks in an easy-going manner.



Work and safety scaffolds are used for all industrial plant manufacturing tasks as well as for various servicing needs.
Suspended scaffolds are used if there is no room for standard scaffolding. They allow working at extreme heights without having to scaffold the entire building. Suspended scaffolds allow construction to continue even with people walking underneath and without interrupting production, e.g. when building pipeline bridges or bridges across driveways.
Heavy-duty scaffolds (or load-bearing scaffolds) support construction, e.g. by temporarily keeping system components on them.

Mobile scaffolds (or travelling scaffolds) are often the perfect choice for servicing work.
Weather protection scaffolding is used to create enclosures that protect against rain, wind and weather.
Special constructions include stair towers, escape stairs, plateau scaffolds or temporary bridges.