Insulation technician apprentice (m/f)

Heating, refrigeration, sound-proofing and fire safety technician

Ever since our company was established in 1998, we have been known as a competent supplier of insulations for building services and industrial applications, covering the entire range of heating, refrigeration, sound-proofing and fire safety (HRSF) products and services. We focus on environmentally friendly solutions helping our customers to save energy and natural resources.

Qualification requirements:

Successful graduation from school
Sound maths knowledge (“A” or “B”)
Sound geometrical drawing skills
Sense of three-dimensional space
Physical ability and dextrous hands and fingers
Accuracy and reliability

Job description:

Insulation technicians install insulations to protect pipelines, vessels, facades, walls and ceilings against high and low temperatures, sound or moisture. They mix insulating, sealing and filling compounds and apply them to various objects. They mostly specialise in a certain field such as heat insulation, fire protection, pipeline insulation, cooling or sound-proofing. They work on building sites in Austria and abroad.


Details provided by the enterprise in conformity with the Equality Act:

Gross minimum pay:
1st year of apprenticeship: € 847.-
2nd year of apprenticeship: € 1,270.50
3rd year of apprenticeship: € 1,875.50
Qualified skilled technician: approx. € 2,662.-

Our extremely thorough heating, refrigeration, steel and fire safety technician training in a family-owned medium-sized enterprise prepares you for your career as a site supervisor earning a gross minimum pay of € 3.200,-. Accommodation options available!

If you think this apprenticeship is the right choice for you, please send your application, photo and last school report to: Knierzinger Industrieisolierungen GmbH

Mühlstraße 1
A-4614 Marchtrenk
Phone: 0 72 42 / 53 7 79


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